Our family property, located a few kilometers from Bordeaux, on the valleys of the town of Sainte-Croix-du-Mont, produces an excellent sweet white wine, since 1648!

Today, embodying the 10th generation, Jean Guy Meric watches over the 10 hectares of the Mont Bel Air vineyard and produces a range of wines in various colors. Feel free to come and meet us at our many exhibitions in France or greet us directly to the property. We look forward to welcoming you in both cases!


Château Bel Air is owned and operated for 10 generations by our Méric family. The particularities of the geographical situation of Château Bel Air, the structure of the soil and the essential elements required in the making of its wines demand constant vigilance in order to ensure the correct development of the vine and a close control of the ageing of the wine in the cellar.

The vineyard of Château Bel Air covers 10 hectares located on the terroir of Sainte-Croix-du-Mont and producing sweet wines of this famous appellation. In addition to Château Bel Air, Vignobles du mont bel Air integrate other terroirs and nearby appellations, and thus offer you a wide range of AOC Bordeaux wines.


The respect for the values and traditions specific to the production of sweet wines (Château Bel Air and Château Pin Sacriste) as well as that of other wines that appear in our catalogue (Château Haut-Valentin and Château Croix de Bern ) means being able to apply rigorous and proven methods, but at the same time, being open to the benefits and advantages of new techniques, be they in terms of vineyard management, winemaking itself or the finer details such as the choice of labels, barrels, closures (corks, etc.)