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Independent Winegrowers


The Vignobles M. Méric has been a member of the Independent Winegrowers for ten years now.
This brings winegrowers together under an actual charter, not just a mere specification, and provides us with a network for showcasing our wines. Fired by a common passion, by our constant professionalism,in every stage from the making to the selling of our wines, which we are constantly striving to strengthen and develop, we fully adhere to the values ??and requirements of the Vignerons Indépendants , that indeed correspond entirely to our own.
As stated by the representatives of the Independent Winegrowers:

"The Vigneron Indépendent:
- Respects their terroir,
- Works their own vineyard,
- Harvests their grapes,
- Vinifies and ages their wine,
- Bottles their production in the cellar,
- Markets their products
- Applies traditional methods,
- Welcomes, advises tasting and takes pleasure in presenting the fruits of his labor and his culture."

"The Vigneron Indépendent logo is the sign of a requirement, the emblem of independent winegrowing and its rich diversity thanks to its soils, climates, know-how, men and women."
"When our logo appears on a bottle, it provides a guarantee that the wine has been made by an independent winegrower. For us, it is the symbol of our commitment to the 13 points of the Vigneron Indépendent 's charter."

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