Aromas and Flavors

Picture of fruits and bottle of wine

From the Spring awakening of the vine until bottling almost three years later, we are constantly striving to improve the exceptional characteristics of our wines. Our sweet wines develop complex aromas of exotic and citrus fruit, crystallized apricot and almond as well as gingerbread and honey. Floral notes can also be expressed as acacia flower or honeysuckle.

The balance and the specific characteristics of the three varieties used to make the sweet wines of Sainte-Croix-du-Mont together provide notes of distinction. Semillon and Sauvignon will give pronounced aromatic citrus notes(grapefruit, lemon) with hints of stone fruits (peach, apricot), dried fruit, as well as aromas generated by noble rot. Muscadelle gives fine floral notes that are essential to provide balance. Our wines are smooth, sleek, and generous on the palate with a long elegant finish displaying notes of honey, candied fruits and liqueur.

Generally speaking, sweet wines can be enjoyed just as well with white meat, pheasant or poultry as with fish dishes in sauce. They are interesting paired with veined cheeses, pastries, fruit or chocolate, and also with exotic or Oriental cuisine. Correct food and wine pairing will heighten the striking characteristics.

Let yourself be enticed by this wine's captivating aromas. It is best served lightly chilled for its opulent flavor to fully reveal itself.