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In order to enable the full expression of their flavor characteristics: raisin, fig, acacia, honeysuckle, apricot and peach, it is advisable to serve our dessert wines at a temperature of between 10 ° and 12 ° Our sweet wines offer considerable ageing potential and can keep for up to twenty years. However, they are nonetheless excellent drunk young either as an appetizer or to accompany a meal.
Our wines can not only be paired with a number of sweet and savory preparations but will indeed enhance their flavors.

Here are some suggestions:

   • As an aperitif:
The Bel Air or Haut Valentin, are very pleasant served as an aperitif or as a perfect accompaniment to many cheese or seafood-based cocktail snacks , fresh or preserved fruit, or even grilled or barbecued preparations. These wines are also ideally used to make many fruit cocktails (citrus, exotic fruits, macerated fruit ...). They should be served chilled or with ice in order to sufficiently reveal their fruity aromas.

   • Foies gras:
The Château Bel Air will always be the classic accompaniment to foie gras (duck or goose), whether served hot or cold. Traditionally our wines pair exceptionally with both duck and goose, also delicious served hot or cold. The distinction of this product accentuates the delicacy and smoothness of sweet wines providing a harmonious balance with spice and candy notes.

   • Fish:
Although this is a more unusual combination, and therefore deserves to be made known, Château Bel Air sweet wines combine well with white fish. Whether it be with sea fish such as skate, dogfish, bream or monkfish , or fresh water fish such as trout or pike, simply baked or pan fried in lemon butter, this combination enhances their exotic and citrus fruit notes. For traditionalists, the Château Bel Air dry white will suit their needs perfectly.

   • Shellfish:
Château Bel Air sweet wine can also be served as an original and refined accompaniment to dishes such as: fricassee of langoustine, mussels, scallops in cream sauce or warm oysters with shallot. This wine, due to the ocean origins of the terroir on which it grows, displays hints of iodine which enhance the marine flavors of these dishes with notes of citrus and candied fruit. The Bel Air dry white or that of Château Haut-Valentin (1éres Côtes de Bordeaux) more frequently paired with cuisine of this sort, offer a perfect alternative with their fresh fruit characteristics.

   • Poultry and white meats:
Château Bel Air exudes dried fruit aromas when served with white meats, especially poultry, and offers gourmets an unusual and interesting discovery.

   • Exotic dishes:
For those who enjoy the sweet and savory cuisine of the Far East, you will be pleasantly surprised to discover how Château Bel Air and Chateau Haut Prestige Valentine sweet wines enhance their flavors. Their sucrosité and honey flavors can also provide a soothing effect on spicy food such as South American or Eastern cuisine. Whether served as an accompaniment to Caribbean fritters, a Vietnamese Boo Bun or Peking duck, our wines will appeal to the most discerning palates.

   • Cheeses:
Blue-veined cheeses, be they from France (Roquefort, Bleu d'Auvergne) or further afield (Italian Gorgonzola, English Stilton) and ewe's cheeses generally, are also enhanced by the smoothness of our wines, which enables their intrinsic finesse to develop. You will find that paired with Château Bel Air sweet wines, their salty bitterness is softened and fades to an extraordinary purity on the palate.

   • Desserts:
Sweet Château Bel Air is a natural accompaniment to a whole range of desserts, but particularly chocolate or fruit (such as caramelized pears) based tarts, charlotte au chocolat, crepes with orange ... offering a true moment of indulgence, where one acts as a perfect complement to the other, enabling the display of a wonderful array of aromas, and where the wines give the desserts a light and sensual coating.

   • Coffee:
Served at coffee time, with a plain or pistachio macaroon, a cannelé or simply a piece of chocolate, our wines will develop a smoothness and reveal ripe fruit notes.