Château Bel Air - Cuvée Blanc Sec

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With origins dating back to 1648, the Château Bel Air is one of the oldest properties among the famous vineyards of Sainte-Croix-du-Mont and belongs to the prestigious area that produces the great sweet white wines of Bordeaux. Here traditional winemaking processes are strictly adhered to; the making of Dry White wines begins with the careful handpicking of the two grape varieties once they have reached full ripeness, in order to produce a wine which combines freshness with complex aromas.

  A.O.C. Bordeaux Blanc Sec  
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clay-limestone agglomerates containing fossils of marine origin (oysters, shells, pebbles)
South / Southeast
Age of the vines:
17 hectares
5 500 vines / hectare
Sémillon (40%), Sauvignon (60%)
20 years old
Manual picking of first plots of fully ripened grapes.

Lenght of fermentation:
Average yield:
Annual production:
Traditional vinification in vats on the lees, temperature control. Bottled at the end of winter and put on sale in the Spring to benefit from its freshness.
12 to 15 days
60 hectoliters / hectare
1 020 hectoliters
Château Bel Air Dry White has a pale yellow color, and is clear and brilliant. On the nose, it displays complex notes of minerality, citrus fruit (Sauvignon), stone fruits (Sémillon), flowers and spices (Muscadelle). On the palate it is frank, with subtle flavors. These come through as fruit and spices on the finish , which has a certain nervousness and freshness, an interesting fatness and good length.
Serve chilled between 8 ° and 10 ° as an aperitif, with a picnic, to accompany oysters, shellfish, grilled fish etc, ...