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Picture of Jean Guy MERIC

From an early age, Jean Guy Méric traced his father's footsteps. Before he could even speak or understand the meaning of everything he saw, he followed him around the estate. As a young boy he soon began to explore the vineyards and winery and observe the running of them throughout the seasons. Whenever he had a free moment, he would take the opportunity of spending time with those tending the vines to learn from their skills and age-old techniques. As he grew older, his father naturally passed on his precious knowledge. But Jean Guy Meric with the strength of this expertise, so essential in the art of making not only sweet wine, the principal wine produced on the estate, Château Bel Air, but also all the other different wines made on the Meric vineyards, has expanded his knowledge by remaining open to new developments in enology and wine-making techniques with all the advantages they can bring.
Today, not only managing the property alone, and maintaining the reputation of its wines, he has also strengthened that of Château Bel Air which earned him great success in the traditional European market. He has even gone beyond this by meeting orders from clients further afield.